Trailbridge LLC | Are You Trying to Be All Things to All People?
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Are You Trying to Be All Things to All People?

Are You Trying to Be All Things to All People?

At some point in time, you’ve probably been told that “you can’t do it all.” And, truthfully, in business, it can sometimes be a challenge to have so many products / services. Sure, one-stop shops are useful, but ultimately, companies that have a wide breadth of products or services struggle with telling people what it is they actually do.

What to keep in mind is that you may do a lot of things well, but that doesn’t mean that every client or stakeholder needs to hear about everything you do. And, certainly, not within the first few minutes of meeting them.

The basic rule of thumb for business development is to listen first. Try to get your client or prospective client to explain their needs first through your questions, and think about what you offer that will help them before you start talking. What you can offer may include multiple things, true. But it’s probably not everything you do.

It’s tempting on business development calls to launch right into all of the myriad things your company offers – you might feel this shows a wealth of knowledge, or perhaps a legitimacy in the market. But the first step should be to sit back and listen. Your clients will appreciate your taking the time to hear them out, and you will be able to better talk in depth about the offerings they care about, and which actually meet their needs.

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