Trailbridge LLC | What has TrailBridge been up to lately? New Products & Tools! 
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What has TrailBridge been up to lately? New Products & Tools! 

What has TrailBridge been up to lately? New Products & Tools! 

Check out TrailBridge’s Social Inclusion Diligence Report™, Organization Diagnostic™, Board Diagnostic™, and Strategic Outcomes Model

It’s been a while since we last posted, but things have been humming along for TrailBridge. In the last year, we have piloted and launched several new products to better serve our clients’ needs. Contact us to learn more about any of the following:

TrailBridge Social Inclusion Diligence Report™ (SIDR)

We recently launched our proprietary Social Inclusion Diligence Report™ (SIDR), which takes a unique approach to diversity and inclusion. Created through a clinical behavioral psychology lens, the SIDR is a measure of inclusion — at both the organization-wide and individual — levels within an organization. The SIDR is intended to be predictive of potential issues that may arise in an organization. It also provides leadership with an understanding of the underlying preferences of employees, which impacts the success of organizational change initiatives. Clients can use the SIDR to determine (1) where potential issues related to inclusion may arise; (2) the types of organizational change initiatives that would be most effective within their own organizations; and (3) the leaders and managers who should be retained, promoted, or incentivized because they are pivotal in modeling inclusive leadership and will help drive the organization’s goals.

TrailBridge Organization Diagnostic

Based on client feedback, TrailBridge partnered with Charles Street Consulting to develop an Organization Diagnostic to quickly and simply assess an organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities in a way that is immediately understandable and usable by its leadership. The TrailBridge Organization Diagnostic™ is survey-based, requires minimal oversight from a leadership team to implement, and can be completed within 3-4 weeks. As a low-cost, flat-fee product, the diagnostic is ideal for cost-conscious organizations that need a “quick summary” of their areas of improvement and where best to spend their limited resources.  The Organization Diagnostic can be used as a stand-alone activity, executed in conjunction with other diagnostics, or it can be used as a first step in customized, phased advisory services.

TrailBridge Board Diagnostic

TrailBridge recently launched the TrailBridge Board Diagnostic™ to provide Board leadership with a concise but broad understanding of its strengths, challenges, and opportunities, based on its purpose.  A survey-based tool, the Board Diagnostic was developed in collaboration with Charles Street Consulting to focus on the Board’s operations, skills and outcomes. The diagnostic is offered at a low-cost, flat fee and may be used as a stand-alone activity, executed in conjunction with other diagnostics, or as a first step in phased advisory services.

Strategic Outcomes Model

TrailBridge is partnering with GV Advisory to offer a Strategic Outcomes Model, an innovative approach to promoting the strategic growth of mission-driven organizations, which centers on aligning the data landscape with the organization’s mission so that it can better track, evaluate, and communicate its impact. The Strategic Outcomes Model maps the characteristics of an organization’s data to its mission and applies a systems analysis to understand the drivers of its data ecosystem. The framework identifies strengths and gaps to inform a strategy for growth, metrics capture and communication of the organization’s impact in its community and ecosystem.

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